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Aug 17 2009

First Day!!

To start, I’d like to give a huge shout out to all my awesome Facebook engineering friends for filling out profiles and sending pictures for my Better Know an Engineer board.  I got so many responses, I think I might make a book and with all them and maybe profile one person per week in a PowerPoint.  I have so many brainy friends!

To clarify, my classroom theme ended up being the thing I’m most familiar with, which is “Thinking Like an Engineer.”  I’m not particularly proud of the creativity aspect of it, since it’s kind of the same approach I’ve been taking with my volunteer work for years, but hey, I can be creative later as long as I have something that I can live with for the time being.

And the time right now is the end of the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  I’m keeping it short, since I have planning to do, but basically my students had a great time working on their first engineering design project of the year (paper towers, which I came up with exactly one hour before school started this morning), I’m already struggling with classroom management (I’m not used to being smackdown strict since my institute experience didn’t require me to be), I’m working on an action plan for dealing with a few key hot spot students, and I am really pumped to keep building on this applied math theme.  My staff is amazing and has been so supportive, especially those who’ve had my more “outgoing” students in the past.  The youngest kids still make me smile and it was wonderful to get hugs from them after school.  My feet hurt like crazy.  And my boyfriend made me dinner tonight, which is a HUGE deal :).

Speaking of boyfriend, another shout out goes to him and my mom for coming through in the clutch yesterday when I was in panic mode trying to put my room together.  After a two-hour massage on Sunday (bliss, also courtesy of my momma), I was driving up to my school and blew a tire.  Fortunately bf was on his way up too, and offered to take my car to get the tire replaced while I went start work on my classroom.  After an hour or so my mom arrived, was a ROCK STAR, and even after buying me a new tire my boyfriend came by later to help as well.  I got a ton of positive comments on my room this morning as a result, and I cannot thank them enough.  I’ve said this many times before but it was especially true this weekend, I LOVE being a local.  Nothing beats having your family to lean on when you’re really in a bind like that.

Tomorrow I start actually teaching math in my class.  We’ll see how that goes, given that today was more or less just fun stuff.  Day one down!

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  1. :) !!!!!

    i gleaned a great management tip from you. can we see classroom pics? i think mine is just going to be decorated with some windows and science equipment and a rules poster :)

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